Looking for Plausibility in a Sandra Bullock Movie (aka- looking for an evil wizard that can defeat Harry Potter)

I passed this afternoon watching Miss Congeniality 2 on TV.  Okay, here is your moment to judge me.  ...  Are you done?  It was just on, okay?  And I didn't really feel like doing anything else because it's Sunday and I have had a very busy week and I just want to relax and I will probably be working tomorrow even though it's a long weekend so LAY OFF OKAY???


As I was saying, I was just watching Miss Congeniality 2 on TV and realized that it's really a very logically implausible movie.  Yes.  I realized this part way through.  Do you need more time to judge me, or can we move on?

A good example is that scene at the drag club when they are trying to find the Dolly impersonator (oh, and by the by, there is only ONE Dolly Parton impersonator in ALL OF LAS VEGAS?  Really?  This is plausibility error number 1 - or probably number gamazillion) and they can't get into her dressing room because they are pretending to be performers but no one gets into the dressing room until they actually perform.  So then what do they do?  They perform!  It's hilarious!  A reluctant and uptight FBI Agent has to let her hair down and rock out to Tina Turner and be a convincing drag queen.  What a great scene in a movie!

Here's the problem.  Don't you think that FBI agents could just walk into a dressing room?  I know they're trying to be be subtle (as subtle as a showgirl in a drag show) because they don't want to scare away their source, but as soon as they walk in they tell her that they're FBI agents anyways, so why not announce it a few minutes earlier?  Or at the very least they could just walk past the queen sitting by the door to the dressing room.  I mean, I'm pretty sure FBI agents are supposed to be assertive.

Also, can we talk about this performance?  They pull off a totally cohesive live song-and-dance including surprise back-up dancers with no rehearsal whatsoever.  I won't even begin on the plausibility issues there.  Instead, let's look at one isolated moment.  The no-nonsense agent (can't remember her name) who is being Tina wants the back-up dancers to lift her up for a big finish.  She turns so her back is to the audience, flashes her badge, and orders them to lift her up.  They do it and it's a very well-executed lift.  The fact that people actually need training to pull off a lift isn't even the major problem here.  It's the fact that any civilian who is given a surprise order by an FBI agent who looks like Tina Turner will probably take a second or two to react to this new information.  I mean really, if you were dancing on a stage in your favourite drag club and then a Tina Turner impersonator turned to you, flashed a badge at you (where was she hiding it, by the by?), and ordered you to pick her up, wouldn't you think twice?

Come ON Sandra!

Also, this gem of a lyric popped out at me from the song playing during the credits:

"I get so excited feeling her anatomy"


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