How to Get More Followers on your Blog

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

You want to do that.

Also... write stuff people will read.  And do things that help them find you.  Reddit?  Forchan?  Monetization?  Find more popular blogs and SPAM THEM WITH YOUR URL!


Do's and don'ts:
Do write stuff.
Do draw pictures.
Do be awesome.
Don't stop writing.
Don't talk about your cat too much (except for every day is okay if your cat is really funny)
Don't be boring.

Sorry about that.  Apparently the key to getting more readers is to write "how to" articles about how to get more readers for your blog, so I thought I'd try it.  I have sort of heard of most of these things and I'm pretty sure it's really good advice.  I mean, I have 33 readers and I don't even do any of this stuff.

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