Stuff Jesus Would Hate

I was trying to think of the next person I could write about the stuff they would hate, because I get absurd amounts of - WHOA.  Okay.  Post rerouted.  I was just typing and all of a sudden my ear did this weird tinny thing and it sounded like a bad guy was approaching in a scary movie that's done in the even more scary way where eery silence is punctuated with jarring noises and I got all freaked out and looked around but there's no bad guys approaching from what I can tell, and since I'm in a small box office right now there aren't many places to hide (unless it's outside the window in which case OH MY WORD I CAN'T SEE OUT OF THE WINDOW VERY WELL BECAUSE THERE'S A METAL SCREEN THINGY AND IT'S DARK OUT!) so I think I'm safe but seriously, what just happened with my ear?*  I got so distracted by it that I accidentally typed "intelligence" where I was going to type "enjoyment" - as in "absurd amounts of enjoyment", which really leads to the question of why, in times of panic my brain thinks of intelligence instead of enjoyment?  Maybe it just shows that my brain is really really smart.  Anyways, I deleted "intelligence" and then realized that this was a big deal and had a delayed "WHOA" reaction.

That's the end of my story.  I hope you liked it.  Maybe I will write about stuff Jesus would hate later?

*I think that may be my best run-on sentence yet.  I am so proud of myself.

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