I just found a WHOLE BUNCH of unpublished posts from back when I started this blog as a bored receptionist!  They are probably posts that I later changed up and posted properly (alliteration is fun!) but let's be honest, I'm not going to sift through these archives to find that out.  So now I'm trying to decide the best way to share these little gems with the 31 readers who have visited me this month (and theoretically might be back?)

Stay tuned as I figure out the best solution to this new and exciting problem - for now, here's the very first one, originally composed on April 3, 2008:

Okay, I know the workplace is no place for the God vs Science debate, but this I found too interesting to pass up. Featured on, a segment where readers get to ask questions to the expert, this expert being a scientist who studies DNA evolution and who also believes in God (Gasp! Shock! What?!?! Oh wait, that happens all the time...)
Anyways, I just found the tone of a lot of the questions to be very interesting. When it comes to these issues, even most level-headed scientifically minded-types seem to take to their corners with a religious fervor. The expert (on Dr. Fairbanks) answers all the questions however, with the same terse, abrupt tone, perhaps too often telling the person to read his book.
A favorite question:
"What are your thoughts on the different words God used in the Bible to uniquely separate how man and how animals were created? God formed man from the dust of the ground. He didn't do that with animals. The only common ancestry between man and monkey is God, not each other. To go beyond that is simply ludicrous and completely unproveable."
I can just hear this guy's inner monologue before he wrote the question:
"I know what I should do today!

.... And that's all there is.  I wonder what my musings on fair Dr. Fairbanks' theories would have been.  Now we'll never know.  Tragic!

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