Inspiration! Kill the Internet

Now here's an idea to help deal with your smart phone addiction: there is a luxury hotel in Germany with a button to turn off the internet in your room. So when you're, say, going to bed and want to remove temptation to stare at your phone for 30 mins, just kill the internet. If you're away for personal reflection, to rekindle a romance, or anything where having the internet on all the time isn't necessary, kill the internet and revive it when you actually need it.

This could be an excellent idea for those of us who struggle with using our devices too much. We all think we need to have the internet available at all times and that our self-control is enough to avoid staring at our screens too much. This is, of course, bullocks. Social media, Netflix, email, and whatever else you look at compulsively, are straight-up psychological addictions. We know that nothing has changed in the last 2 minutes (heck, we likely will get notified if anything does), but we still wander back over to Facebook - just one more time - all the time.

So why not give our self-control a boost? One night a week, or an hour before bed, go unplug your router and force yourself to pass the time some other way than letting Netflix queue up the next episode of 30 Rock that we've already watched 10 times.


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