Inspiration! Independence Day Clothing

Every once and a while, someone invents something that makes everyone else go "Oh my goodness, yes.  How has this not existed forever?"

Here's a new one to add to that list: Independence Day Clothing.  These clothes are designed with no buttons, zippers, tags, or lace.  They are all soft and comfortable, reversible, GPS tracker-friendly, and fashionable.

If you are the parent of a child with autism or a sensory integration disorder, you probably just let out a huge sigh of relief.  Yes, an answer to the trauma of getting your child dressed every morning finally exists!

If you do not have someone in your life with a cognitive or physical disability that makes getting dressed hard, then think about your clothes for a second: they all have a front and a back, an inside and an outside.  There are a lot of ways you could put them on wrong if you have trouble telling those apart.  They also probably have buttons, zippers, tags, or other embellishments that rub against your skin.  You barely notice, but for someone with a sensory integration disorder, these small irritations are intolerable.

The GPS tracker probably sounded creepy at first, but if you've got a child with a cognitive disorder who is prone to wander, it could save their life and will certainly save your sanity.

I am so excited to know that Independence Day Clothing exists!  This transforms mornings for kids and adults with these disorders from a long, emotional, defeating battle to a positive and quick experience.  They can pick out their clothes, put them on, feel good, and get on with their days.  Something most of us take for granted.

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