Book Club: Introducing Ender's Game

I'm in a book club!  We used to meet once a month, and lately have backslid to every other month-ish,  but we've been going for several years now, which blows my mind.  We call ourselves the Book Sluts, because we like to read a lot of different kinds of books, as many as possible, sometimes multiple at the same time if we feel we can manage it.

I thought it might be fun to share the books that we're reading!

This month(ish) we are reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card*!  (Note: my book club has a major slant towards the sci fi/fantasy side of things.)

Here's what I knew about Ender's Game before we picked it:
  • It is a well-known and beloved sci fi novel that gets talked about a lot
  • A movie has been made of the book that got very little attention except for some people protesting it
  • The writer is, I think, some kind of horrible homophobe or sexist or something which is why some people protested the movie even though they may have loved the books
  • Ender is the name of a person, not a reference to a type of game that I had imagined to be something akin to a zero-sum game
  • It was probably set in the future, as is the case with most sci fi books
So far I'm just a couple chapters in and loving it!  Ender is showing hints of being a reluctant hero who is naturally good at everything.  It makes him less complex as a character, but is still fun to read.

*My mind keeps accidentally turning his name into Scott Orson Wells - a little fantasy author mash up!

Post Script: I'll probably share other books I'm reading in the Book Club feature, and maybe even past books I have read that I want the world to know about, so let's not get too hung up on the actual reading timeline of the Book Sluts, okay?

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