Inspiration! 101-year old woman walks down a building.

I love love love finding stories about centenarians (and other elderly) who don't let their age hold them back.  Maybe it's a bit patronizing (sort or like when magazines get all, "OMG, did you notice that this model isn't a size ZERO?? Can you believe how amazing she is for being brave enough to be in this magazine???  And also how incredible we are for having her???), but at this point I think we're still deep into the beginning stages of battling stereotypes for old people, both for them and for us.  Just because the headline "80 awesome people over 80" doesn't sound as kicky as the "21 under 21" lists doesn't mean that your life is over!

That's why I find this lady (named Doris) so dang inspiring!  A 101 year-old woman who lowered herself down a building for charity.  Even better: she took up the sport of abseiling when she was 85!  Even better: she plans on doing it again next year!  Go Doris!

Photo: Mashable/AP

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