Learning! Inject your electronics

If tapping away at your computer and smart phone screen isn't enough electronic contact for you, then you're in luck!  Science has now found a way to inject electronics right into your brain.

No, we're not looking at thought-controlled social networks (yet), but scientists at Harvard have found a way to inject nano-scale electronic scaffolds into peoples' bodies that can then go into your brain and mess around.  So far, they're looking at the good kind of messing - imitating tissues, monitoring neural activities, or regenerate neutrons - all things that can treat neurological decay and other such conditions.

Of course, anyone who has read or watched any sci fi story in their entire lives knows what's next: hacking peoples' brains to create an unfeeling but physically and mentally perfect army.

PS: I do appreciate the juxtaposition of this post following so closely after Wednesday's inspiration post on turning off the internet to save yourself from your technological addiction.

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