STOP THE PRESSES! BSB and 'N Sync are making a MOVIE?

You heard me.  And it gets better.

Nick Carter is writing, directing, and starring in a Western zombie movie featuring fellow Backstreet Boy AJ and (drumroll)... Joey Fatone from 'N Sync!!!!

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Don't let the description pass you by: this is a Western zombie movie!  Cowboy zombies, guys!

It gets even better: this film is being created with the help of the team behind Sharknado.  Remember Sharknado?  Of course you do.  Not only was it one of the most ridiculous of the ridiculous natural disaster/monster movies ever to be made, it also featured astoundingly terrible use of stock footage (after a close up shot of our heroes driving in a car being pounded by rain, there would be a wide shot of the beach with ... no rain?)

So if I've got things right, here is the equation we're looking at:


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