I Want It: Rotating Dome House for the Price of a Vancouver Crack Shack

Context #1: In my hometown of Vancouver, housing prices are constantly in the news.  An average free-standing house costs at least a million bucks these days, even if it's tiny and falling apart.  There are websites like Crack Shack or Mansion where pictures of 1 million dollar Vancouver homes are interspersed with crack shacks and you get to vote on which is which.  You'll probably be wrong a lot.

Context #2: I have always had a weird dream of living in a circular house.  When I was a kid, I would imagine it all the time.  I have no idea why, I cannot explain the logic to it.  It doesn't make a lot of sense because you get a lot of awkwardly-shaped rooms and kind of waste a bunch of space.  But I would draw floor plans of what my circular house would look like all the time.

Then I came across this, a $950K rotating dome house, 90 minutes outside of New York City.  It's beautiful.  It's way better than anything I designed as a kid (surprise, right?).  The exposed wood beams are gorgeous.  And it's on the edge of a nature preserve.  And it costs less than the average Vancouver home!  Ugh.  I want to live there.  Except I want to live there, but here.  Transplant what is there over to here.  Can I do that?  Let's do that.  Oh wait, can I also have $950K to buy it?  Thanks.

Photo by Douglas Elliman

Via Curbed.  (Go there for more amazing photos!)

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