Learning! Twins with Two Fathers

File this one somewhere between a scrapped episode of the X-Files, Jenny Jones, and a spin-off series to I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: there are pairs of twins out there who have two separate fathers.

Turns out this isn't nearly as uncommon as you probably thought (since you probably thought the frequency was zero).  One in 13,000 twins are estimated to be born with two different biological fathers, and one out of every TWELVE sets of fraternal twins are estimated to have come from separate sexual encounters within a woman's fertile period (these two encounters can easily be with the same partner).

Readers of Sex at Dawn will remember some hunter gatherer societies' belief that a woman should have sex with multiple men who have various characteristics she hopes for her baby to have, as they believed each man contributed to the pregnancy of that woman.  I realize this is different, but two men contributing to one pregnancy sure feels like a tie-in to me!


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