Inspiration! The iron fish that saves lives

Iron deficiency is a huge problem in a lot of countries.  In Cambodia, researchers have found a wonderful, inspiring solution!  It's a Lucky Iron Fish!

What is it?  A simple fish made of iron.  Just put it in water or soup and boil it for about 10 minutes, maybe with a pinch of lemon to help release more iron.  Bam.  You've got iron in your system, baby!

Why is this inspiring?  It's a simple health problem solved not only with a cheap (and thus implementable) design, but it taps into Cambodian cultural values.  Fish are a sign of luck for Cambodians, making it way more appealing for them to adopt it.  Plus, it really could be seen as lucky, so it's not a lie!  A little fish that provides an entire family with 75% of their required iron?  That will not only get rid of the physical and mental sluggishness that low iron causes, but prevent haemorrhage in childbirth and injury?  How lucky is that???

You can buy a "school of fish" and send them over to five families for only $25!

Source: PFSK.

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