Personal Challenge: Writing down your life

Every summer I go into "summer mode" - this means less time at my job (I work for a theatre company that doesn't produce shows over the summer, so we all reduce our hours a bit to help compensate for all the overtime we work year-round) and more time working on personal projects, reading, beaching, and friends.  Or so I like to think will happen.  What generally actually winds up happening is that I feel just as busy as ever but don't really get extra stuff done, and I have no idea what fills my time.

Then today I came across this genius-in-an-incredibly-obvious way (also known as, the right kind of genius, because the best ideas always seem incredibly obvious as soon as you come across them) idea on Lifehacker: just track everything you do!  It's pretty freaking easy: get some kind of day planner and write down everything you do in it after you finish doing it.

The author used some fancy goal-tracking day planner.  I don't want to buy things, so I'll make my own.  Today!  Today I will make a day planner, and tomorrow, July 1, I will begin this grand experiment in tracking everything that I do and finding out where the heck all the time goes.  I will track my life for two weeks and then reflect and report on what I did, how I tracked it all, and any value at all that came of it.

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