Learning! Get a Good Night's Sleep With Therapy, Not Pills

I am a big fan of therapy!  I think everyone could use a little heart-to-heart with a professional now and again, and if you are struggling with, well, pretty much anything, there is a good chance that therapy can make a big difference.  It is also shown to have greater long-term benefits than medication for many emotional or mental illnesses.  (Not to say you shouldn't use medication if you need it, but meds-plus-therapy seems to be the most effective model in those cases.)

Now a study has shown that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) also has powerful effects for those who suffer from insomnia, with longer-term results than medication!

The beauty of CBT is that it is very focused on finding solutions to your current problem.  Sure, you can talk about your mother and general stresses, and that will help because you'll identify the things that are stressing you out and preventing sleep, but you'll also discuss your actual sleep habits and patterns, and practical solutions for changing them.

So if you have trouble sleeping, take sleeping pills to get you through, but maybe consider finding someone to talk to as well.


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