The trouble with Instagram: a kind-of-solution

A little while ago I posted a plea for someone to save me from myself and invent an Instagram "like" blocker, so that I could joyfully browse my friends' photos without seeing the tally of likes that inevitably leads to comparisons and bad feelings.

Well, I still haven't found a solution that can be unilaterally imposed on my Instagramming, but I have found a partial, interim solution!!!


It's self-control.

I know, gross!

Here's how it works: when I look at Instagram (yes, I still look at Instagram, I'm not just cutting myself off like some heartless robot!), I just don't look at other peoples' likes.

That's it.

Sometimes I can't help but see them because I am trying to read their caption, and the likes counter is right there, but I was surprised at how much I actually don't see.

It kind of works, you guys! Kind of!

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