Let Queen Celine be a guide to us all

I have been a fan of Queen Celine ever since she ushered me into the world of contemporary, secular music. (I know, right?) My friend just posted this video and it gave me ALL THE FEELINGS.

1) Speaking of "secular" vs "religious", I am pretty sure this is a What Would Jesus Do-type response. I won't speak for other religions, but I'm quite confident that Christians should be following Celine's example, both in action AND feelings.

2) She just feels everything on such a deep level and I love it. Sometimes Celine gets flak for being melodramatic, and she is, but it's HONEST melodrama. This woman feeeeeeeels.

3) Maybe there's another hurricane happening right now that could use help. At least a certain famous pastor finally buckled to social media pressure and opened up his church to people who need help.

4) I just love her. I mean, what woman contains everything in that video, and then does this:

All Hail Queen Celine!

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