Inspiration! Roundup: Think and become, Xinona, Dan Mangan, DIY retirement homes, and more!

A round up of inspirational things, past and present! Love this retro dress.
This week's "I want to go to there": Let's have a vintage party dress party!
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Think It

“What we think, we become.”
– Buddha


I have never experienced a film like this before! A scroll-through animated storytelling experience, Xinona is a thing of beauty.


This Dan Mangan video is just stunning.

"Seems there is a lot of anger in the world. Anger can be important. Anger can topple tyrants. Anger can be a catalyst to growth. But if it becomes the default lens through which the world is seen, it can blind us from the redemption or beauty that can be found in this absurdity of errors. This video does not intend to incite anger, but it does rally to work through it and find the other side of it. To find resolution, forgiveness, and peace."

DIY Retirement Home

These women in England built themselves a retirement home because they didn't like how elder care was being treated by the state. There are many things I love about this! 1) They took their fate into their own hands! 2) They persisted when it was a struggle. 3) It's basically a beautiful model for commune living that I want to copy.

In a Heartbeat

I think most people were falling in love with this video about a week ago, but here it is if you missed it.

Raise Your Own Little Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Inspired by RBG? This is a collection of advice on how to raise a child to have the drive and bravery to blaze her own trail, but then it could be great advice for all of us. My favourite: "Encourage them to set aside their worries--and simply achieve."

I'm going to let that one nestle its way into my head and heart right now!

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