Confessions of a plant killer

Fact: I want to be a person who has a garden. I want to go outside and harvest my homegrown kale, select some fragrant herbs, and maybe pick some pretty flowers for my table.

Fact: I kill every single plant I touch. It doesn't matter how "hearty" the plant is, how "low-maintenance", or how it is so "easy" to take care of. In my care, it will die.

I started with some flowers. They turned into husks faster than you can wonder the last time you watered them.

I thought maybe I'd do a better job keeping plants alive if they were functional, so I got some herbs. I even set a reminder on my phone to check on/water them. They died so hard.

My realtor gave me a peace lily when I moved into my place, saying that it's the easiest to keep alive and none of her clients have ever killed it. TO MY CREDIT, it survived a whole year in my care.

My dad gave me some pretty tulips and I forgot about them. They did JUST FINE on their own, and then I started trying to care for them them. Now I have a nice pot full of tulip carcasses and weeds on my balcony.

I have been getting down on myself for my inability to keep plants alive, but you know what? I keep MYSELF alive, I keep MY CAT alive, and I work REALLY HARD to keep my hopes and dreams alive EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Isn't that enough???

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