Inspiration! Roundup: Chrysalis time, insecurity, de-objectifying female heroes, and more!

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Chrysalis Time

A good friend of mine recently sent me this email from Tara Sophia Mohr about a phase she refers to as "chrysalis time": the time when we cocoon in order to transform.

I just love how she describes the working out of a vision and figuring out "what's next."

Visions for what is next – your next creation, your next job, your next way of moving through the world – don’t arrive fully formed or with a how-to plan. They come through fragments, whiffs, energies in the body.

In chrysalis time, there are big blanks in our picture of the future, but there are also always words and pictures and ideas we can access about what wants to emerge.

If your vision for what is coming next in your life or your work is 95% blank, articulate the 5% you can see – the little fragments, the faint intuitions, the general direction.

Sometimes It's Good to be Underestimated

There are questions as to whether this is true, but the week-old rumour mill has it that she pretended she doesn't speak English in order to avoid having to speak to Trump at a dinner. If this is true, this woman is an inspiration to us all. Way to stick to the bit, Akie Abe!


“It is a sign of great inner insecurity to be hostile to the unfamiliar.”
― Ana├»s Nin

I can vouch for this!

Trees into Animals

Illustrator Alfred Basha has created some beautiful sketches of trees growing into animals. They remind me of Andreas Lie's double exposure photography, and I like them.

How to De-Objectify Women in Comics

Oh my goodness, the is what we've all been waiting for! I am so inspired by Renae De Liz's quick how-to guide on presenting heroic women in a way that is not objectifying. (Spoiler alert: they can still be sexy!)

Whenever I see someone break down a problem like this, I feel like changing the world is actually possible.

We Are All Time Lords

I mean, a bunch of the atoms in our bodies came from across the universe and have existed basically since the beginning of time. So from that perspective you can certainly tell yourself that you are basically a magical creature made up of space and time itself.

Everyday Whimsy

Street artist Tom Bob transforms everyday objects into fun and funny things. It's adorable.

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