Inspiration! Roundup: Don't mess with the Gulabi Gang, one letter movies, Bunny Lucille, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there": A cuddly friendship walk seems nice.
Photo by Annie Spratt.

Don't Mess With the Gulabi Gang

This is a gang of aunties in Northern India who wear bright pink saris (gulabi means pink) and wield bamboo sticks. They protect women in their region, punishing oppressive and abusive men and trying to make them see reason. They only use their sticks if the men become violent.

I love these women.

Abandoned Islands

Fabio Araujo's artwork, creating islands out of images of abandoned sites, caught my eye.

One Letter Movies

Take one letter out of the title of a movie. Now it's a different movie! What started as a Reddit gag is now a series of hilarious artwork.

Stick Figure Girl

I used a gif by Stick Figure Girl recently in my post about killing all the plants. Well, she deserves a shout out, because she makes a ton of adorable little gif animations that deserve attention. So cute!

You Laugh, You Lose

One of my favourite improv games to watch is the one where nobody is allowed to laugh. The improvisors try desperately to do a serious scene, and suddenly everything is funny.

This is like that, but with dad jokes. And it's hilarious.

Bunny Lucille

Go check out Bunny Lucille on Instagram. She is a "curvy" woman, recreating the images of famous pin up star Hilda to help improve her self-image. The pictures are fun, beautiful, and hilarious.

Secret Studio

This secret art studio, suspended on the underside of a bridge, is terrifying and amazing.

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