Learning! Artificial sweetener takes another hit, social class and your face, dementia, menstrual fog, and more!

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Artificial Sweeteners Take Another Hit

As a regular consumer of aspartame, I am not pleased: a very robust study has shown that people who drink one diet soda a day are more likely to become obese. Of course, it was just correlational, and correlation does not equal causation, but still. That combined with the disheartening Science Vs. episode I recently listened to that showed pretty compelling evidence that artificial sweeteners can change your gut bacteria for the bad means I probably can't operate in this denial for much longer, no matter how sweet it is. (Pun!)

Your Social Class is on Showing

This is pretty interesting: a new study shows that people can accurately judge your social class from your neutral face. The study individually photographed students with neutral facial expressions, and then had other people judge whether they were "rich or poor" based only on those photos. Gender and race did not impact the results, and it only worked with neutral expressions.

Improving Quality of Life for Dementia Patients

It's almost depressing that this study even needed to exist: it's now been shown that dementia patients' quality of life improves when they have 1 hour a week of social connection combined with care aids who ask them about their interests. These incredibly obvious and simple acts reduced agitation and increased health in care home residents.

Menstrual Brain Fog is Officially Not a Thing

While your period may give you cramps, sore breasts, or diarrhea (fun!), apparently it will not impair your cognitive function.

Marriage Doesn't Make You Healthier - Anymore

It used to be that married people had lower mortality risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This is no longer the case. Us young folk who get married are now just as likely to die as our single counterparts, AND we are more likely to have weight gain over the course of our lives. Now, this could be because the single life has become healthier (it's easier for single people to access care than it may have been in the past), or thanks to married women carrying the work-family balance on their shoulders.

Whitewashing History with Marble

Check out this eye-opening video about the history of race and whitewashing. Did you know that marble statues used to be painted in colours? That reflected a multi-racial society???? I didn't!!!!

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