Learning! Roundup: Arts-lovers are better people, photography and the brain, edible CO2, and more!

According to science, arts-lovers are better people! We knew it!
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Arts-Lovers are Better People

You know what, I'm not surprised. New research shows that people who engage in the arts (either by observing or participating) are more likely to also engage in charitable giving and volunteering. Obviously, it's because we are the best kind of people.

Photography and the Brain

There is a growing wealth of research out there on the impact of taking photos on our memory of experiences. You know, because we take so many photos of the things we are experiencing. Some suggests that we are more likely to forget things we photograph, due to "cognitive offloading" (our brains choosing to forget information they know is stored elsewhere), but new evidence suggests we remember things more when we choose to photograph them.

Edible CO2

Scientists can now turn CO2 into a food source that contains protein, carbs, and a handful of nutrients. It all happens through electrolysis and the addition of a few nutrients, and then bam! You've got a powder that you can mix with water and consume. Apparently they think that we will all want to have machines that do this in our homes, which I guess means we're just going to step right into that post-apocalyptic future when all that's available to eat is a weird nutrient-rich sludge?

Drug-Carrying Nanoswimmers

In further science fiction-like news, researchers have developed "nanoswimmers", little-bitty self-propelled devices that mimic cells' movement. They should be able to carry drugs to specific sites in the brain.

Oxygen-Free Living

Goldfish can go months without oxygen, because they convert carbohydrates into alcohol that is released through their gills. That's how they survive winters in ponds that have frozen over.

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