Cute! Roundup: The least comfortable-looking naps, a needy panda, and more!

Can you believe this picture only got 8 upvotes on Reddit? I mean, it's cute and hilarious! You know, I'll never figure out the system over there. Some people make it to the very front just posting a regular, boring old cat picture with a headline like "She's my baby girl", and then Gertie gets pretty much nothing. OBVIOUSLY she's cuter, so I don't know what to think. Maybe nobody on Reddit has a sense of humour.

A roundup of cuteness! Cats, puppies, and pandas all over!


Napping: two ways.

Taking cat decor to a new level.

This cat really does have amazing markings. So pretty!

What is it with dogs and stuffed animals? They will be the death of me!

Caught in the act - of what, nobody is sure.

This one just makes me frown and shake my head. Too cute!

A panda bear with major abandonment issues.

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