I got rejected by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

SFMOMA has a new promotion going on to help share the thousands of pieces from their collection that never see the light of day.

It's called Send Me SFMOMA, and you're supposed to just be able to text 572-51 with the text "Send me" and then a feeling, emoji, or colour, and they'll text you back a picture that they think matches.

Sounds fun! I want in on this! I texted a sad-faced cat emoji, because OF COURSE I want to see what artwork they will think matches the sad-faced cat emoji.

Nothing. Bubkes. Emptiness.

Look at that big space with NOTHING IN IT. (Except the cool text background pattern, because I just figured out how to do that. So at least my rejection from the SFMOMA is attractive to look at.)

Maybe it only works for Americans? I don't know. You try and tell me if I am special in my rejection or not.

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