Cute! Roundup: Gertie the annoyed Elizabethan, baby animals in pockets, and more!

My dear Gertie had to go in for a minor surgery on the weekend. It's not a big deal (she just had a growth on her leg that needed removal), but she still got stitches and has to wear a cone as a result. At least I got a photo where she looks kind of like an annoyed Elizabethan in an exaggerated collar.


Warning: there are a bunch of baby animals in pockets on the other side of this link.

This is what happens when an adult human has never held a cat before. (The cat is a good sport, it seems.)

Please, sir, can I have some more?

It looks like a baby bear sleeping with a dog. I am told it's actually a puppy. We'll see.

Catch the water!

The love of your life.

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