Learning! Roundup: How to have the hottest of all the sex, buying happiness, perfectionism and suicide, banning homework, and more!

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How to Have the Hottest Sex of All

Wanna have super-passionate sex? New research shows that the best way to do that is to harmoniously integrate your sexual passion into yourself and your life. That's right, the best sex actually does come when you are a whole, integrated person, not from "chasing tail" or whatever.

One More Way Money Can Buy Happiness

We already know that money can buy happiness if you spend it on experiences or other people. Well, now we know that spending money on things that save you time also buys happiness. Interestingly, this is not affected by income. No matter how much money you make, you'll still be happier if you buy yourself some free time.

Eat Your Lectin

If you hear anyone say that lectin is the new gluten, run away.

Perfectionism and Suicide

A new meta-analysis of research on suicide found that perfectionism is linked with an increase in suicidal thoughts.

The Best Way to Eat a Crunchy Taco

I straight-up avoid crunchy tacos because of the mess they make -- or rather, because of the mess I make while eating them. I'm already a messy person! Why would I eat something guaranteed to fall apart in my hands??? Well, apparently there is a right way to eat a crunchy taco that doesn't leave you with a handful of taco salad. We'll see.

No More Homework

Research has shown that traditional homework does nothing to help increase students' learning outcomes, but time spent reading does. In a gutsy move, one superintendent is actually acting on this research and banning homework! I am impressed.

12 Stages of Burnout

It's easy to get yourself on a burnout path without realizing it, so I was happy to find this guide to the 12 stages of burnout. Interestingly, I think I only made it to level seven before I started to get really worried and ultimately went on antidepressants.

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