Inspiration! Roundup: Explore the ISS, slow-mo hummingbirds, imagined cities, weird or great, and more!

This week's "I want to go to there": Space!
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Explore the International Space Station

Google Street View now has an option to explore the International Space Station. It's pretty cool!

Botanical Tattoos

Lately I can't stop thinking about getting a tattoo, and I have been really drawn to plant life. I love the work of tattoo artists Pis Saro - it's so delicate and realistic. Maybe I need to go to the Crimea and get her to tattoo me.

Hummingbirds in Slow Motion

This is pretty incredible.

Something City

A comic book that takes a fictional city and shows you all the nooks and crannies of its residents' interconnected lives.

Weird or Great

I love this art by James Victore.

Love this artwork by James Victore
Art by James Victore

Let's Be Reasonable!

This comic series of great moments in history, reimagined to include centrists really helps drive home the point that sometimes you've got to take a side.

Young Explorers

A video that follows toddlers who have just learned to walk as they explore the world all on their own.

I Think My Life is Passing Me By

Life can disappear on us just like a cup of coffee consumed on autopilot. In other words, to really experience life itself, as opposed to just more thinking about life, we need to remember we’re having an experience.
-David Cain

I have had this thought more than once in the past five years. As I let my life get busier and busier, I realized one day that I had no idea what I had done with myself yesterday, the past week, or the past year. Everything was a blur, because it was crammed so full nothing sunk in. I'd like to say that this realization woke me up and I immediately changed my ways, but that is so not true. I am still working on how to lead a life where I actually get to experience my experiences. It's hard.

This blog post reminded me.

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