Let's hear it for the new Iron Man Riri!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics
I am stoked on this!  Tony Stark, whose life has turned into a big ol' mess, is hanging up his Iron Man suit in favour of Riri Williams - a genius black girl who built her own Iron Man suit from scratch in her university dorm room.


I love this for many reasons!  First of all, it's been long overdue that these superhero franchises diversify their characters.  I also really love that they worked this into the story in a legitimate way.  I always feel a bit off about "girl versions" of things.  It sets up a boys vs. girls dynamic that almost never ends well, no matter how great the final product is.

This move shows that you can easily work ladies (and people of colour) into a story in a real way, instead of just swapping them in and hoping no one freaks out.

Source: The Daily Beast

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