Inspiration! Roundup: Cuban ballet, ally ideas, finding chairs, and more

Inspiration comes in many forms, from the Cuban Ballet to this gorgeous cabin on a reflective lake. I want to go to there!
This week's "I want to go to there": a cabin on a reflective lake.

Cuban Ballet

The Cuban Ballet is inspirational for SO MANY REASONS! First of all, the dance form has gone from an elite extravagance to a national sport where dancers are paid like the superstar athletes that they are, probably because the government subsidizes tickets so that everyone can access it.

Second, LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS by Omar Robles (article also shares more about the rock star status of ballerinas in Cuba).

A photo posted by Omar Z. Robles (@omarzrobles) on

One Way to Be an Ally

I sometimes struggle hard with how to be an ally in a meaningful way. Avoiding whitesplaining/white saviour syndrome would indicate that I should take cues from communities of colour, but then there is also the burden of them explaining/guiding everything that isn't fair. What's a reasonable middle ground???

Layla Tromble and Terri Kempton have found a wonderful and meaningful way they can step in by offering to do the work in holding other white people accountable online with White Nonsense Roundup.

I am inspired to see how they have embraced their role with initiative, lots of compassion, and zero fear.

Make Space

"It has never been our responsibility to dictate who can be at the table; our only responsibility is to add more chairs." -Bishop Yvette Flunder

(Thanks to my friend Angela for posting this quote on Facebook.)

Wonder Woman

You know what's really inspirational here, aside from the never-fading moment of glee I get from hearing a woman tell a man that he can't tell her what to do, that is? The actress playing Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot - a former combat trainer in the Israeli army. This is not cool because armies are cool or because of any political stance related to Israel, but because it is thrilling to know that they cast a strong, capable, ass-kicking woman in this role.

Unwanted Suitors

Finally, a suggestion on how to get rid of unwanted suitors...

That'll do it!

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