Impossible Decisions

A Harry Potter display surely created by some enemy of J.K. Rowling,
trying to turn the characters into Tim Burton-style nightmare killers.
Can't you just imagine these eyeless faces slowly turning to look at you?
Sometimes in life, we are faced with an impossible decision.

Tomorrow, I get to pick up Harry Potter and the Cursed Child from the book store. I pre-ordered, like a sane adult, so that I won't have to waste with such foolishness as finding the book in store. (And I am certain it will be difficult to find it in the giant store display that is sure to be right at the front door.) Straight to the check out I'll go, and that is what I'll be doing with my life from that point forward.

The impossible decision, then, is this: the book comes out tomorrow. Yesterday, I decided I couldn't handle the book I was reading any more. This means that TODAY I need a book to read. I have no book to read. I mean, I have books to read, but I have nothing that I will finish in a day and therefore I will have to start a book and then chuck it thoughtlessly aside the second tomorrow rolls around and that just doesn't seem fair.

So what do I do? Go a whole day without a book to read??? Start reading a book that I don't care about so that I can stop the second the new book comes out???


I will read another Harry Potter book! It's perfect! They are quick and easy and it doesn't matter if I don't finish it before I get to The Cursed Child and it's like a warm up for the new book! Why didn't I think of this earlier???

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