Now in beauty trends: a teeny-tiny respite

For once, the beauty standard is flipping around to something somewhat practical!

Turns out that this summer we are no longer supposed to (or "supposed to", because ugh who has the time for that work, anyways) have long, luscious, super-plump, super-fake eyelashes.  Now the goal is BARE lashes!  Or at least lashes that look like they're bare?  I'm not sure.

Like this:

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Apparently mascara is "pedestrian" and a "crutch", which is fine by me, except that I'm guessing I'm supposed to either be purchasing a new, $60, super fancy eyelash "enhancer" that is definitely not a mascara but basically a mascara except that you can't even tell you put anything on after you use it. After all, whenever beauty starts taking a turn for the "natural", that usually means buying a whole arsenal of super-expensive products that make you look flawlessly imperfect in just the right way, so people can tell you didn't just wake up and walk out the door like some kind of animal.

Now, to finish this post by totally creeping you out, I tried to take a close-up selfie of my eye (a "selfeye"?) for this post to show off my sweet, fashionable, naked lashes.  This is the collection of images that came out. All so so creepy, only made the creepier by making a collage out of them.

How's that for beauty inspo?

You're welcome.

Source: Man Repeller

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