Ew. Veggie burgers that "bleed" like meat

A veggie burger that really mimics real meat and even "bleeds"

I get that there is a market for non-meat products that mimic meat.  If I'm going to a BBQ, it's more fun to have a veggie dog alongside my hotdog-eating friends. It's a convenient package to consume food in, and it feels like summer fun. Same for various burger and sausage-shaped faux-meats.  Form and function can go together!

But this is just... gross: a veggie burger that is infused with "heme" - a molecule found in blood, but also in some plants. It means you can have a "bloody rare" veggie burger.

My mouth is all curled up in disgust just writing this, but then I've never been into bloody meat, even back when I used to eat meat all the time.

So... if you are a vegetarian but really want to pretend you're eating meat, enjoy. I'll just be over here in the corner trying not to look but staring at it like a car crash on the side of the highway.

Source: Impossible Foods.

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