Learning! Okay, there is at least one proven bad thing about artificial sugars

Okay, so aspartame makes me hungrier, but it's still okay, right?
This is aspartame.

Despite generally being a morally-superior, annoying hippie when it comes to the products I use (I use apple cider vinegar and baking soda to wash my hair and a homemade mix of oils to moisturize my skin, thankyouverymuch), I kind of just love aspartame a lot. Or, I love Coke Zero, anyways. (Hey, Coke people! I would 100% sell out for you because I genuinely love your stuff and so it wouldn't even be selling out! Give me money! Let me be your corporate shill!)

Anyways, I like to pompously tell people that there have been no reliable studies showing health risks associated with aspartame - something that is sort of true. Any study showing problems has been done on animals with key differences in their digestive systems than ours, and often given insanely high doses of the stuff.

The one thing that it seems to be linked to, counterintuitively, is obesity. Well, a study has come out now showing that drinking diet soda actually makes people hungrier than if they just had a regular ol' sugar pop.

The theory is that the sweet taste makes our brains think we're going to ingest a bunch of calories, and then when there are no calories, our bodies get all panicked and demand calories.

Well, fine. You get one point, anti-aspartame activists with your "make people healthier" agenda. What else can you prove about Diet Coke, except that it fizzes like CRAZY in the Mentos test:

Source: NY Mag.

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