My horoscope is trying to kill me

My horoscope for this month says that now is a perfect time for me to join a club or try out a new hobby.

GUYS.  The stars are trying to RUIN me!!!

Do they not realize that if anything now is the time I need to STOP signing up for new things?  That joining every single thing that comes my way is something of an addiction for me and I'm trying to STOP?  That I just survived a year of constant stress because I sign up for too many things and always want to start a new project?  That I have to forcibly stop myself from acting on every random idea that pops into my head???  That I will probably be the first person of all time who dies because she joined TOO MANY CLUBS???

No.  The stars don't know that, because the stars don't know ANYTHING.  The stars are stupid, you guys.  They're just a bunch of burning balls of gas really far away.


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