Awesome Award: Elina Berglund and her contraceptive app

Photo Source: Official Leweb Photos (flickr)

Elina Berglund. She is already better than all of us for being a Swedish nuclear physicist (who discovered the Higgs Boson, by the by). Now she has crossed over into incredible awesomeness territory by turning her superior brain onto birth control.

Right now birth control is pretty much all weird or scary or stressful or invasive or painful or unreliable or unsexy or depression-inducing or estrogenizing the planet or frighteningly expensive or or or or!

Don't get me wrong. We live in a golden era of birth control. You can put a little plastic device inside your body and then not have to worry about pregnancy for FIVE YEARS. That is pretty incredible.

It's just that there are so many trade offs with every birth control option right now: what if you can't afford it or the hormones are bad for you or your body doesn't react well to plastic inside its cervix? What if you are allergic to latex or prone to breast cancer? What if you live in a country that keeps making it harder and harder to access birth control?

Now there is actually a clinically-tested app for that. An APP. That you download onto your phone. That has been proven to work just as well as the birth control pill. That Elina Berglund invented. Because she is awesome.

The app works pretty simply: sign up for a subscription and take your temperature every morning. Then it will tell you if you're fertile that day or not and you decide whether you should have sex and/or use another form of contraceptive that day.

I genuinely feel more empowered knowing that this exists.

Elina, you are awesome!

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  1. The technique has been around for long time, it's interesting they put it in an app. -Like Hanna

  2. True! The app just makes it a lot simpler to manage and would provide me with some peace of mind that I wasn't screwing it up. :)