Inspiration! Roundup: Story objects, still dancing, punching the devil in the face, and Patrick Rothfuss

This Week's "I want to go to there":
A hammock and a book.

Story Objects with Vera van Wolferen

Love love love this series called Story Objects by Vera van Wolferen. (Also, what an incredible last name! I would actually considering changing my last name if I was marrying a van Wolferen. Although I may also need to become more brooding and dark as a person.)

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Classical Paintings Get Modern

What would happen if the women in classical paintings suddenly were thrust into the modern era? This image series by Alexey Kondakov imagines just such a juxtaposition, and dang if it isn't stunning. I would buy these for my wall.

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Still Dancing

This stunning piece of artwork by Jonathan Labillois commemorates the many missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. The title "Still Dancing" came from his sister, who said to him “Dancers dance for those who cannot, the sick, the elders, and those who are gone. It's like all those women are still dancing thru her.“

Still Dancing by Jonathan Labillois
Labillois donated this piece to the Montreal Native Women's Shelter.

Forget Punching Nazis

Punch The Devil HIMSELF in the face!

You and The Virgin Mary, anyways.

Every Woman

Just in case you still think that pregnant women should be confined to their beds and avoid physical activity, watch Ciara (among other things) jump a couch while dancing her belly off to Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman".

Of course, I'd love to see the moments after they finished shooting this video. Personally, I would have just laid down on the floor and not moved for the rest of my pregnancy. (Says the woman who has never been pregnant.)

What Can You Do?

"The simple truth is this: When things are bad, all you can do is what you can do."
-Patrick Rothfuss

Check out this awesome blog post from Patrick Rothfuss on what he is doing and how he is coping with a big, bad world.

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