Cute! Roundup: Kitty toddlers, sleepy porcupines, dik-diks, manatee belly scratches, and more!

You know how parents of toddlers talk about not being able to turn around for even a second without their offspring getting into something they shouldn't be? Well, I clearly completely understand what it's like to raise a child, because I turn around and Gertie is up on the counter, drinking out of my water glass.

Cute! Roundup of adorable pictures to start your week

Other Cuteness:

Mondays are sleepy, amiright?

Papa-pup cuddle hour!

Why are interspecies BFFs just SO AWESOME? Because they are!

I didn't even know what a dik-dik was until I saw this cutie.

Gimme some belly scratches.

Also, this cat reflects a lot of our current statuses, no?:

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