Learning! Roundup: Get politics out of your feed, black cowboys, cerebral palsy, and more!

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How to Remove Politics from Your Facebook Feed

If you're oscillating in the battle between staying informed and keeping your sanity, while still wanting to actually connect with your friends on Facebook (weird, I thought that's what Facebook was supposed to be about - or is it only for political diatribes?), then here is a solution! Real Simple has gathered together a collection of ways to eliminate politics from your Facebook feed. The suggestions range from installing the Social Fixxer plugin and eliminating posts with keywords like "Trump" to unfollowing the particularly virulent posters in your feed to banishing your feed all together, or just up and quitting Facebook.

Black Cowboys

Quick! Let's all picture a cowboy! Now read this Hyperallergic article about black cowboys and how they existed before they were whitewashed out of our memories.

About Cerebral Palsey

Don't know much about CP, or what it's like for people who live with it. This video from Zach Anner lists his top ten things he wishes people knew about cerebral palsey. It's hilarious and informative.

What It's Like to Be a Neo-Nazi

Have you grown up sheltered enough that you sometimes look at news about terrorists and neo-Nazis and wonder how on earth someone learned to hate so much? Me too.

Here is a really fascinating interview with a Quebec man who used to be a neo-Nazi. He speaks openly and candidly about what drew him to the movement and what changed his mind.

How Black Children Learn About the Police

The relationship between black people and the police has been, obviously, in the news for a while. This video is a really eye-opening and emotional look at how black parents have to teach their kids about dealing with the police.

Post-Election Slump

Feel like you've been less productive since the election? You're not alone. A new survey shows that about a third of people have lost productivity since the election.

How Job Listings Screen Out Disabled People

A handy reminder for anyone in a position to do some hiring: watch out for things in your job listing like "must be able to life 25lbs" or requirements of "normal" communications methods. Does the job ACTUALLY require that? Are there no ways you can work around someone with a disability? Here are some ways that your job listing might inadvertently be screening out people with disabilities.

Ten Black Female Academics to Watch

Hidden Figures was a FANTASTIC movie and a reminder of the erasure of black women from history. Want to avoid having to make another Hidden Figures in 30 years? Learn about these ten black women who are rocking their academic fields.

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