Inspiration! Roundup: Paper microorganisms, prints of Palestine, wear a heart

This Week's "I want to go to there":
Still thinking about The Resistance.

This ever one of the most beautiful things I've encountered this week. Hit play and listen while you scroll through the rest of this post.

Prints of Palestine

Palestinian clothing designer Natalie Tahhan is bringing traditional Palestinian embroidery to modern clothing design. Love it!

Rogan Brown's Paper Art

I have a big, warm place in my heart or paper art as it is, and this work by Rogan Brown blows me away. He mimics patterns and motifs from the natural world, creating mega-detailed paper art that resembles microorganisms.

Stand with Bandcamp

Have some music you want to buy? Buy it off Bandcamp on Friday and all their proceeds will go to the ACLU! Isn't it heartening to hear about all the corporations that are taking stands in their own way? From Starbucks' commitment to hire 10,000 refugees to smaller companies like Bandcamp donating proceeds. Hey, it feels weird for this anti-establishment, anti-consumerism gal to high five corporate America, but they are doing something good! It's good!

Wear a Heart

One of my favourite bloggers, Swiss Miss, was photographed with a giant heart outside Trump Towers. She posted this on her own blog suggesting that maybe she just walk around holding that heart for the entire trump administration. Not a bad idea.

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