Learning! Roundup: Ballet and the brain, sounds of silence, police at pride, and more!

Ballet and the Brain

Dance is good for our brains in so many ways, but it's possible that the rigid control ballet requires leads children to suppress their emotions.

Sounds of Silence

Turns out we're not experiencing enough SILENCE and that one in five people are now losing their hearing because of it. So basically, our ears are like, "if you won't let me rest and give me silence, I will make you live in silence!"

Netflix Knows Your Thoughts

Remember the Portlandia sketch about mind fi? Where people download apps into their brain to think through the internet? Well, we're one step closer. Netflix engineers have created a headband that lets people control content with their mind.

This makes me uncomfortable.

Swishing Sugar for Speed

A new study has shown that athletes who swish a sugary liquid in their mouths, but don't swallow, perform better in endurance running challenges than those who don't. So apparently you don't even need to ingest sugar to get energy from it?

Straight Men Who Kiss Men

There is a general "wisdom" out there that women's sexuality is fluid while men's is starkly categorized. This is somewhat supported by research - women are physiologically (although not psychologically) aroused by pretty much any sexual image, whereas men are only aroused (physiologically and sexually) by images of sex that match their orientation.

However, straight men do have sexual encounters with other men. Here's how they explain them.

Why No Police at Pride?

If you are in tune with the happenings between many chapters of the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride Parades, you know that there is a lot to dig into there. I, personally, did feel a little conflicted. On one hand, police organizations, as a whole, have a very bad history with queer communities and I can see how their participation in the parade would be alienating to some people. On the other hand, Pride may have begun as a protest, but it is now a celebration of inclusion. Isn't is a powerful statement of inclusion to have the once-oppressive force marching in support?

This article in the National Observer helped me flesh out my understanding.

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