Are you superstitious?

I have always considered myself to not be very superstitious. Then I started thinking about all the little things my brain does and I realized that maybe I am very superstitious? Or maybe I just like patterns a lot and STILL have the overactive imagination of my childhood.

Here are the things I do that, at least from the outside, seem kind of superstitious:

When I'm walking on sidewalks I like to try to always step on the cracks or never step on the cracks or take the same number of steps per square, which is always impossible, so then I try to create a repeating pattern of steps.

I used to always try to pee faster than the microwave, when I would microwave things as a kid. Now I am very fast at peeing.

Holding my breath: over bridges, and through tunnels. Not the best idea while I'm the driver.

Remember as a kid, twisting the stem off an apple and counting the alphabet along with it to "find out" the first initial of the person you'd marry? I still do that. Not so much for its predictive powers, but because doing that trained me to not like eating apples with stems, and then I just automatically start doing the alphabet without even thinking about it. Perhaps I should start charting my results?

Making wishes when I blow out my candles.

When driving alone: have the keys ready and get in the car super fast before anyone (human or vampire) can grab my feet from under the car.

One day when I get married, I want to sit down at the exact same moment as my new husband at the reception, so that we die at the same time. (So romantic.)

I have, however, defeated the following superstitions! I no longer:

Sleep with my neck covered to protect myself from vampires or ghosts.

Walk into the bathroom cautiously first thing in the morning in case Bloody Mary is in the mirror.

Run up the basement steps in case a ghost is chasing me. (Usually.)

Check the back seat of a car for psychokillers before getting in to drive away. This is stupid though, I am being reckless and should really restart that practice.

Oh, and I walk under ladders like it's nobody's business. Because, screw you, safety!

What are your weird superstitions? What did you used to believe that you don't anymore?

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