Inspiration! Roundup: Selfish geniuses, miniature calendars, quilting lies, and more!

Inspiration! Roundup: Geniuses are selfish, turn a cement factory into a stunning home, make miniature calendars, reject the tyranny of positivity, and more
This Week's "I want to go to there":
I've never seen the Northern Lights! Can I please see the Northern Lights?

Making a Cement Factory a Home

Pretty much every time I come across an old, dilapidated building, I start to envision all the dreaminess that it could transform into as a home or performance space. Well, Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill had that same inspiration with an old cement factory, and then he acted on it. The result is gorgeous.

Geniuses are Selfish

“If I couldn’t create there would be nothing for me to live for. It’s selfish, I know, but geniuses are selfish.”
– Miles Davis
Next question: in what way are geniuses selfish, and how can we all embrace some of that selfishness?

It's probably got something to do with prioritizing their work - whatever that work is - above other peoples' needs or wants. Okay, taking care of the needs of people you love is really important, and so is taking care of your own needs. Like doing the work that makes your heart leap into your brain and dance. That is important, too.

Miniature Calendar

Every day, artist Tatsuya Tanaka creates little dioramas out of miniature figures and everyday objects.

Regrets of the Dying

Every once in a while, it's good to remind ourselves of the bigger picture in life, so that we can, even for five minutes, realize that it's actually not the end of the world if we don't get the laundry put away this instant. A great way to do that is think about what people worry about when they are dying. This list, as with most, boils down to wishing they had lived the life they wanted and been honest and brave, instead of doing what they thought they were supposed to do.

Although there's good food for thought in the "I wish I had let myself be happier" regret. It begs the question: how am I getting in the way of my own happiness now?

Reject the "Tyranny of Positivity"

I am all for positive thinking. I think so much of our experience of life is wrapped up in how we interpret our experiences. However, this is a bit of a dangerous path. Sometimes our experiences are objectively terrible, and sometimes we just feel bad. Feeling bad isn't automatically a bad thing - it just is what it is. This article is a great reminder to embrace what you are actually feeling, instead of trying to force yourself to feel happy.

Quilting Broken Promises

Artist Gina Adams' latest project quilts the text of the broken treaties made between the US government and Native Americans.

"Sewing together injustice with an object of comfort stirs deep emotion. For I, as all people of Native American descent, have carried around a heart-wrenching history, a burden and a loss. Now I choose to weave that over-arching sadness into a source of tremendous comfort. I am taking the burden of the broken treaty placing it on top of the work of the original Colonists."
-Gina Adams

Artwork by Gina Adams

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