Inspiration! Roundup: Some good news, faces in things, sexy aging, and miniature worlds

This Week's "I want to go to there":
Doesn't this garden house just look like heaven?

Good News

The Week has created a roundup of good news from last week, and it's really really nice to read.

Faces in Things

When I was a kid, I was sure I was the only person in the world who saw faces on the fronts of cars. Big trucks looked angry, sleek cars glared - very few cars were happy, except may the Volkswagen Beetle.

Turns out that EVERYONE sees faces in things, and now there is a wonderful Twitter account collecting pictures that look like faces. Love it.

Age is Sexy

Honestly, I couldn't really decide if I wanted to share this, so I'm going to share it, with my conflicting commentary.

The headline on this article is 56-Year-Old woman Proves You Can Be Sexy No Matter How Old You Are. So, it's good to be reminded that sexiness is not just reserved for youth. FOR SURE. That is inspiring. Seeing a woman, of her own free will, choose to share her body in an empowering way? Also inspiring!

Here's what I don't love about it: while they may be trying to imply that both men and women can be hopeful to remain sexy as they age, it also reinforces that it is important for WOMEN to stay sexy as they age. Also, she is a thin, blonde, traditionally beautiful woman. Is it so shocking that she is sexy? Finally, 56 is NOT THAT OLD!

So this inspires me, and it also annoys me. Behold my conflict.

40 Bags in 40 Days

We are in the season of Lent! If you don't know, Lent is the 40 days in the church calendar that lead up to Easter. It's meant to be a time of self-denial and reflection to contemplate and prepare for the death and resurrection of Jesus. Growing up as a Mennonite, Lent was never a part of my tradition, but I'm starting to come around to seeing its value.

This year for Lent, I am inspired by this 40 Bags in 40 Days practice. I won't quite do what she is doing, but I am going to try to get rid of something every day. Yes, in part this is a home-cleaning project, but it's also a practice of letting go. I don't want to hold onto so much stuff (you can't take it with you, etc etc). For now, it's pretty easy because I have a bunch of things I don't need, but I'm hoping that by the end it will be a bit more challenging. Maybe by the end I'll have to contemplate getting rid of things that I like, or even love.

Miniature Worlds on Animals' Backs

I have come to realize that I post a lot of miniature things in my Inspiration! Roundups. Well, I guess I have a type, because here is another one: artist Song Kang's Vernacular series puts little worlds on the backs of animals and it's SPECTACULAR!

From Song Kang's Vernacular series

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