Cute! Roundup: Hazmat Cat, polar bear ice baths, and the most impressive dog you've ever seen

We did some painting the other day (specifically, we painted a WHITE BOARD WALL in our home!!! Drawing on the walls, y'all!), and of course, Gertie had to explore the altered surroundings. Luckily, she did not knock over any paint. She did, however, get temporarily trapped under the drop sheet.

Cuteness roundup: it's a cat in a Mickey Mouse costume, a polar bear in an ice bath, and a golden retriever hanging with his best friend, Thumper.

Other Cuteness:

It's cat and mouse, in one! (Cat seems unimpressed about the situation.)

Cat Cafe work is tough.

This polar bear in an ice bath reminds me of a cat trying to get up in her catnip.

A golden retriever and a little tiny bunny! BFFs!

This dog is actually just mind-blowing. The partnered headstand may be the sweetest thing I've seen.

This cat's got skills.

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