Learning! Roundup: Cuddle your way to happiness, nurture changing nature, raising good kids, and more!

Learning! Roundup: sex makes you happier, but only because you cuddle, nurture changes nature through epigenetic, plants can remember things, and more!

Sex Makes You Happier - Sort Of

There are lots of studies out there linking sex to happiness. New research suggests that the happiness isn't from the sex itself, but all the cuddling and physical affection that goes along with it.

Nurture Changes Nature

Here's another argument for the power of genetics: your grandmother's life experiences have impacted your genes thanks to epigenetics. What I love about this is the combo of nature and nurture. It's a person's lived experience (nurture) that changes something in their genetics, affecting you (nature).

How to Raise a Good Kid

Parenting advice time! Here is some research-backed advice on the five things parents who have 'good' kids do. It's pretty basic (spend quality time with your kids, model good behaviour, expect them to be nice, etc.), which is actually really nice, if you ask me. It shows that it's not rocket science to raise someone to be a decent person -- you basically just have to be a decent person with them and they'll pick it up.

Smallpox Genocide

Have you ever wondered what it was like for the Indigenous populations who were wiped out by smallpox? This is a really informative and heart shattering account of the genocide on First Nations people. It also countered some of the stereotypes I had of Indigenous life before the settlers arrived.

Loneliness and Conspiracies

I've had a few conversations lately about what makes people susceptible to believing conspiracy theories. We had a bunch of ideas, including a need to feel special and a distrust of authority. One thing we didn't think of has recently come out in research: feeling left out. Turns out that those on the outside are more likely to believe there is something fishy going on in mainstream society.

If These Plants Could Talk

Bad news for introverts: you're not even alone with your houseplants. Turns out they may have memories.

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