This Week's Gratitude & Delight Roundup

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Remember how I was going to start actually doing a gratitude journal again? And then I decided to use y'all for my accountability to actually do it?

Well, week one, it's working!

Here's a roundup of some of the things I was grateful for:

- A video date because it reminded me that there are single men out there who like to have conversations.

- Finding out that the reason my heat isn't working properly may be as simple as buying a new $30 thermostat because I may actually get a functioning heater!!!

- Getting a bunch of blog posts drafted because I like writing.

- Having a virtual happy hour with my soulmate-bestie because she is my everything.

- Getting an easy-but-boring and time-consuming task done at work because then I don't have to think about it.

- Several non-rainy commutes to and from work because then my bike ride is so much more pleasant.

- A few meaningful and tough conversations with friends because they made me feel closer to them.

- Gertie lying on my chest and purring and reaching out like she wants to hold me because it makes me feel warm and loved.

- A morning spent writing a comedy book that will probably go nowhere but made me laugh so much while I was doing it.

- A sunny walk because it made me feel free.

- Trying a new "ritual" for a group that meets weekly because it felt nice and I think it helped bring meaning to our gathering.

Also, this week I was delighted by the sky, Gertie, and my nephew's smile.

A wide-angle photo of the sky. The sun is low, the sky is blue and there is a streak of clouds diagonally across it. At the bottom of the photo are the silhouettes of a row of trees.

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