Ziqiang Liu's Reflections

Take a gander at this work by Ziqian Liu. It's so simple but so evocative, like a bunch of little haiku photographs. 

Also, if my recent post on the creepiness of art that's all just beautiful women made you wonder if there's, here's a non-creepy way to have your work consist primarily of women, here's an example. These photos often just depict separated body parts of women, which could be even creepier in the wrong hands, but they are actual artistic constructions, thoughts, and ideas. Not just, "look at this beautiful woman, she is beautiful" over and over again.

An art photograph that depicts a woman lying face-down, but it appears as though the front half of her body is in the floor, you can only see the back half. There is a small circular mirror beside her with a hand reflected in it.

An art photograph where w a circular mirror has a tulip laying across it, and two arms come out of either side, with one hand reflected in the mirror. It looks slightly broken and mournful, but lovely.

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