Back to Work But at Least There's Bean Dad

An animated gif where a woman is sitting at her desk, feet up, reading a magazine. She sits up, puts down her magazine, and exaggeratedly pretends to start typing at her computer.

This is the first year in... I don't know how many years... that I had an actual, old school break over the holidays. Thanks to the pandemic, I genuinely just spent the last week hanging around and doing nothing and seeing no one.

Today is my first day of "back to normal" and it feels very weird. Being reintroduced to my alarm clock was not ideal. I am not sure whether my brain will work on schedule, but I guess we shall see. (I'm writing this as if I didn't spend the weekend working on a grant that's due today because of course a grant should be scheduled the first day after the holidays.)

Since I was writing a grant this weekend, I was obviously really focused on what was happening on Twitter, and OH WHAT A TIME FOR IT.

It was the latest "the internet is the weirdest schoolyard ever": an indie West Coast musician who makes print poetry books out of his own tweets and likes "shock-value" racism as "comedy" became famous for thinking he was being a good parent by refusing to help his daughter learn how to use a can opener for 6 hours and live-tweeting her attempts (also she wasn't allowed to eat until she did it). He is now Bean Dad, which is still trending, everyone hates him, and there are memes.

This one, using actual dialogue from the (obviously now deleted) tweet thread, made me laugh maniacally out loud to myself while sitting alone in a park. I still love it:

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