On High School and Futility

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A story about futility:

My high school grad class has a Facebook group. I left this group years ago, because, well, do I need a reason to leave a Facebook group for my high school grad class?

HOWEVER, recently, some friends from those days who I do keep in touch with mentioned that there was a thread on the group where everyone was posting life updates and that it was a fun opportunity to spy on everyone's lives.

I figured what the heck, if social media is good for anything, it's spying on other people's lives. I LOVE spying on other people's lives! I rejoined.


These 126 life updates were EXACTLY the same: marriage status (married or divorced), number of children, and what city they live in. THAT'S IT. The big variation was some people adding in what kind of work they do.

A "fun opportunity to spy", indeed! Everyone (with two exceptions) has the exact same life!

I GET IT. Our relationships and family status are very significant parts of our lives, especially if you're in the thick of raising three kids. But the fact that none of them seemed to think ANYTHING else about their lives was interesting or worth sharing??? AT ALL??? I'm sure at least some of these people have picked up fun new hobbies or had some big accomplishments in the last 18 years!


I wasn't going to even engage with it, but then I thought, you know what, I will. I'm going to post an update about my life and I'm not even going to mention relationships or kids because they are not the only things that matter in life. I posted a cute photo of me and my cat (obvi) and gave an update that included my work, an accomplishment, and a hobby. So well-rounded! That'll show 'em!

A few minutes later, a comment! 

It was brief: "marriage family kids ?"

That's it. That's all the words and the exact punctuation.

I laaaaaaaauuuuuughed.

At myself for thinking that I was really making a bold statement about the value of life outside of marriage and children with one little Facebook comment.

At them for being the perfect example of the opposite.

At all of us, for existing in the world.

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